Raffle Manager Application

Modern Secure solutions for regular raffles and 50/50 raffles

This training manual details the processes used to secure modern 50/50 raffles and regular raffles. It is the starting point for running a Tap50:50 electronic or online raffle.  This document is the first part of a series of manuals helping charities provide the next level in raffling.

Setting up your Account                            Event Creation                                                   Before you can run a Raffle

STEP 1. LOGIN                                           STEP 1. ADDING A VENUE                                EVENTS NEEDING APPROVAL

STEP 2. USING THE DASHBOARD            STEP 2. EDITING A VENUE                                CHECK THE TERMINALS

STEP 3. EDIT PROFILE                               STEP 3. CREATING AN EVENT 

                                                                   STEP 4. SETTING TICKET PRICES

                                                                   STEP 5. ADDING VOLUNTEERS

                                                                   STEP 6. SETTING UP COUPONS (optional)

Event Management                                    Reporting                                                             Misc


MANAGE MARKED & VOID TICKETS        PRODUCTION REPORTS                                    MESSAGING

MANAGE WINNING TICKET                      VOID OVERVIEW REPORT                                  NAVIGATION

MANAGE PRINTING                                   VOLUNTEER SAFETY REPORT                           HELPFUL HINTS

LIST EVENT VOLUNTEERS                               DALY SALES REPORT                                                APPENDIX I  (Interactive Reports)

                                                                                                                                                 APPENDIX II (Business Continuity)


The Tap50:50 proprietary raffle system is basically made up of four components: the Raffle Management Application, the Print Manager Application for jurisdictions where a random number generator is not allowed, the Display Application and the Handheld Selling Units or RSU's as GLI-31 refers to them.  This document deals with the Raffle Manager Application.

Raffle Management Application
The raffle management software was  built on Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) which is Oracle’s rapid web development solution for the Oracle database.  APEX combines the qualities of a personal database, productivity, ease of use, and flexibility with the qualities of an enterprise database, security, integrity, scalability, availability and built for the web.   

This application allows charities to setup, manage, and monitor their raffles. 

Setting up your Account

Manual within the application

We have tried to include helpful hints or brief descriptions of most of the functionality of our raffle manager application on the right hand side of each page.  However this manual will give you a more complete understanding of the raffle application.

A.  Navigate to www.tap5050.com and hit the login link on the top right section of the main menu.  The login menu item is .a dropdown menu which allows access to different servers in different jurisdictions.  Choose the appropriate jurisdiction for your account and your raffle.


B.  When you are at the login page, you have to enter your email and password to access the raffle manager.  This will have been set up by a TAP 50:50 admin.  There are different levels of functionality depending on security settings and what type of user you are.  There are players for our online raffle, charities, territory managers and admin users.  For our purposes here you will be a charity/raffle manager.

If you enter the wrong information or are currently not in our system you will have to wait increasingly longer to attempt your next login attempt.  This is a simple security feature to slow down automated password hacking attempts.

invalid login.jpg

If you forgot your password, click on the “forgot your password” link and a new temporary password will be sent to the email on file.  From there please follow the instructions.

When you successfully login the application will bring you to the dashboard of the user type you are registered as in our system.  Again for our purposes you are either have a charity raffle manager account or a territory manager account.


Below is the charity dashboard.  Your username is in the top right corner along with the logout function.  There are help boxes on many of the screens to prompt you on what your options or even warn you about possible issues with the current screen.

The charity logo is on the bottom right corner of the screen.


There is a summary of the number of raffles and total sales in the ‘To Date’ box.  There is a reminder of upcoming events, events that need to be approved by an admin person and events that need attendance information added.

On the right half of the page is the user profile or contact information which can be edited if you hit the ‘Edit’ button on the upper right corner of the user profile box.


This is where you can add or change any of the billing or contact information for the charity.  You can also change your password.

Change Password

Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters, a minimum of 1 lower case letter, a minimum of 1 uppercase letter, and at least 1 digit.

If the charity is running an online raffle at the bottom of this screen there will be online integration options..  They allow the user to choose the color of the theme, add a cover picture image, and setup a stripe account for collecting online funds.  Setting up the stripe account leaves the application and the user enters the stripe account setup process.

When you have made your changes you must hit the ‘Apply Changes’ button on the top right corner of the edit profile box.