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We are always looking for great 

strategic partnerships

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, good with technology, passionate about helping charities and want to make a six digit salary.

You should keep reading!!


"The most important part of creating a brand is first creating a great culture in the organization."
Evan Hackel, AUGUST 31, 2010



Call yourself whatever you like. You're the boss! We really aren't looking for a franchisee/franchisor relationship. We're looking for outstanding individuals who want to raise a bundle of cash for charitable organizations. If you checked out our mission statement then it's plain and simple - our main goal is to help charities make more money!

Working for non-profit organizations is a great and rewarding career. Most people entering the non-profit sector choose the sector because of core beliefs and they aren't in it to get rich. We disagree. Tap 50:50 believes if you have a great product that can help charities make more money; you should be compensated for that product.

So this is what we are willing to do. If you live in an area where 50/50 raffles are a legal form of fundraising, and you wish to make a business out of helping charities make more money, get in contact with us. If there is a fit, you could be well on your way to helping charities and being well compensated in the process. We want to help great people help great causes. It really can be a lot of fun.

You literally are your own boss. The more money you make for charity, the better you are compensated. This equation allows for not only moral satisfaction, but lifestyle and financial satisfaction as well.

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