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Before you can Run a Raffle

This is a simple matrix of the events that have been submitted and are awaiting approval by the TAP 50:50 raffle admin.  TAP 50:50 performs an editorial review to ensure the raffle has a raffle license given by local regulatory authorities and that the raffle was setup properly. It also provides a quick overview of the steps remaining to be completed.  This is usually true for the first year, however after the first year, we may put you on auto-pilot so that you don't need raffles to be approved by us anymore.

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License Number:  If this field is empty a license number for the corresponding event has yet to be entered. Enter it in the ‘Edit Event’ page.

Ticket Price Status: There are two options available for this column. If any information has been added on the ‘Add Ticket Price Details’ page then this field will be listed as ‘Complete.’ Otherwise it is listed as ‘Not Complete.’ Before a raffle can be approved by a raffle admin the Ticket Price Status must be set to ‘Complete.’   


You should log onto at least one terminal and sell a few tickets to start off a raffle.  You want to make sure of the following:

  1. The correct ticket prices are on the sales screen.

  2. The raffle header is correct.

  3. The coupon or coupons are showing up correctly.  You may want to assign on the terminals how the coupons are assigned - randomly or to specific price levels.

  4. Phone number/addresses are off/on as desired.  This has to be done with every terminal but it should have to be done only once unless there is a new software build on the terminal.


Hint:  Set yourself up as a volunteer and sell a few tickets.  Mark them and void them when done.  You may want to use the volunteer name ‘Tester Tester’ or something similar so it is easy to recognize your voids were for test purposes.

Check Terminals
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