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Event Management

In this section as the name implies you can manage your ongoing raffles.

Manage Voids

This page is for managing the draw drum tickets. Make sure you select the proper event by choosing an event in the dropdown menu.  You can void tickets manually by entering the reference number of the ticket or by checking the box beside the marked ticket you want to void.

Marked tickets are just flagged by the volunteers that there may be a problem with the ticket.  It may need to be voided but it may not.


Marked Tickets

Selecting a checkbox in this section and hitting the "Void Tickets" button will move them to the voided ticket list.

Voided Tickets

Selecting a checkbox in this section and hitting the "Unvoid Tickets" button will move them to the marked ticket list.

Tickets in this ‘Voided Ticket’ list will not be entered into the draw drum.

Unsold Tickets

This is a list of ticket numbers that have been thrown away by the terminals.  These tickets will be excluded from the draw drum.  It can be used as a backup if your printers aren’t working or standalone if you have pre-printed sequential ticket stubs.


This page allows the Raffle Administrator to validate the winning ticket for either a draw using and RNG, pre-printed stubs or stubs printed on-the-fly.

Manage Winning Ticket

Pre-printed Stubs: These are stubs that have been printed before the draw and added to the drum manually. These stubs cannot contain a printer confirmation number therefore to check a winning ticket number simply enter the ticket number in the Enter Ticket field and click on Save.

A warning window will pop up and ask you to confirm that you want to proceed. Select "OK" to retrieve the ticket confirmation details or "Cancel" to try again.

Automated Ticket Stubs or Counterfoils: These are stubs that have been printed on-the-fly during the raffle controlled by the Print Manager Application.

Enter the winning raffle ticket # in the Enter Ticket form field and click on Save.

The winning ticket verification details will appear below in the Winning Ticket Info region.

Validating a Ticket

Ticket validation is different for pre-printed stubs and automated ticket stubs. When a pre-printed stub is drawn simply compare the ticket numbers on the stub to the entry on the ticket. For an automated stub that is printed on-the-fly the stub contains a print confirmation number, the date and time the ticket was sold, the event ID, and of course the ticket number. When you enter a valid ticket number and print number a list of ticket details will appear in the ‘Winning Ticket Info’ section of the page. When presented with a potential winning ticket compare the date and time of sale, the ticket number, the reference number, and if a phone number was entered it will appear on both the ticket and in the Winning Ticket Info region.

RNG:  To utilize the random number generator, the RND (short for random) is used.  In jurisdictions where RNG’s are legal, this button can be utilized to randomly draw the winner from all valid tickets.  Once you press the RND button, you will be asked to confirm this is the action desired by pressing ok.  Once the draw is done, winning details of the ticket along with any player information will appear.  All raffles are defaulted for one draw, however you can edit an event to allow multiple draws.

            Please note: Multiple draws will remove the winning ticket number until the grand prize draw.  The grand prize draw will allow all ticket numbers to be eligible winners.  Ie a winner can win the grand prize and a subsidiary draw with the same ticket number, but not two subsidiary draws.  Two different numbers on the same ticket however could win two subsidiary draws

Claimant Details

When a winner has been found enter the claimant’s details in these fields. This will record the winners details in the database.


This page is basically a report that shows the printing information in a summary format.  It should be used in conjunction with the printing app.  It can be used by the raffle manager to remotely see where the print job is at, without having to speak to or look at the Print Manager application.  This is important as the raffle manager may not have access or be away from the secure printing location.

Manage Printing

Select the current event in the Select Event dropdown to monitor the desired events stub printing.The stub printing details will appear below.

Normal Stubs Remaining: This number represents a countdown of the unmarked stubs that still need to be printed. At the end of the raffle this number should be 0.

Marked Stubs Remaining: This number represents a countdown of the marked stubs that still need to be printed. At the end of the raffle this number should be 0.


This is very similar to the add volunteers page.  It is here as a convenience to allow the monitoring of the status of the volunteers without leaving the ‘Event Management’ section of the application. It also allows you to record floats and current cash carried by volunteers. 

List Volunteers

Volunteer ID: The system generates a unique 6-digit login ID.

Nickname: This pseudonym will appear on each ticket.

Default Password: The system generates an initial password for each user. For all users added at the same time the password will be identical. Once the user logs into the terminal they will be asked to change this password to a unique private password. If this field is blank the user has logged in and selected a private password. This password can be overwritten by entering any 6-digit number


You can track cash positions of volunteers by clicking on the volunteer and adding their starting float, and subtracting any money they have handed in.  This information is later used in the volunteer safety report.

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