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Helpful Hints
  1. You cannot run a raffle without it being approved by a TAP 50:50 raffle admin for the first year of your raffles.  After the first year, we can put you on autopilot where we no longer need to approve your raffles.

  2. You can enter sales before the raffle starts; you cannot enter sales after it has ended.  This is to allow you to test the system. Any tickets used to test the system should be voided prior to the beginning of the raffle.

  3. You cannot change prices on the day of the raffle.  If you do need to change prices you will need to create a new raffle. It is recommended that you enter the raffle start time one day in the future. This will allow editing of the raffle details. Once you are satisfied that everything is perfect Edit the raffle and change its start date to the actual start date.

  4. If you change prices before the raffle starts and you have sales from testing, you may corrupt your raffle.  You are better off to start a new raffle.  Follow instructions in point number 3.

  5. It is a good practice to “suspend all” volunteers after a raffle is complete or if that seller is no longer going to be participating. Suspending a volunteer makes them unable to login using their login credentials. It will also suspend the terminal once it contacts the server.  You can use this at an event to bring everyone home as well.  They will get a come home message if they are in wifi.

  6. Be very careful when entering the winning number for paper draws. The system automatically updates signage when a valid winning number is entered in the system.

  7. You need to have a venue to have a raffle.  You may need to create the venue before you create the raffle.

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