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Saskatchewan was the first province to allow online raffles in Canada.  They did this prior to the federal government changing the criminal code to allow e-ticket delivery and random number generator selection of winners. 

TAP 50:50 was the first company in Canada to legally process online transactions and deliver an e-ticket. 

Online raffles in Saskatchewan have to meet Saskatchewan's Online Raffle Sales Standards and be certified by an independent gaming lab. 


Saskatchewan Online Certification

Saskatchewan Electronic Certification


Nova Scotia charitable gaming is regulated by Service Nova Scotia, specifically the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco division. 

NS requires GLI-31 certification for electronic raffles, RNG certification but do not require certification for online raffles. 

In order to use a RNG or provide online ticket sales functionality a server must be located in the province. 

Nova Scotia

NS GLI-31 Certification

NS Gaming guide


Alberta is late to the party.  It wasn't until Feb of 2019 that AGLC allowed the use of RNG draws and online sales with delivery of e-tickets.

They also didn't allow offsite servers for electronic raffles.

They are moving forward and we like to think they will be relaxing rules and letting smaller charities take advantage of technology. 


Alberta electronic certification

Alberta Online Certification 

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