50/50 Raffles

50/50 Raffles are our bread and butter.  We love 50/50 raffles and charities do too.  Charities love 50/50 raffles because there is little to no risk to them.  That's only a little bit true.  There is risk that the charity is wasting their time.  If you don't do a 50/50 raffle right there is risk that the charity doesn't get good results.  We do a lot of 50/50 raffles and we know what works and what doesn't work and we share that with our clients.  


Tap 50:50 takes a consultative approach to providing teams with raffle solutions.  We are familiar with the regulations of your team's state or province and help write rules of play, recommend signage solutions, consult on ticket pricing, and offer best practice implementations. 

Our raffles enhance game day fan engagement whether that fan is at the arena or is watching your away game from home.


At the arena we offer customized kiosk solutions and roaming handheld terminals. We can display live jackpot totals to monitors around the venue, or to your center score clock or digital signage of choice. At home we generate online raffle experiences to further engage your fanbase.  Furthermore our live jackpot displays are easily integrated into your game day iOS or Android apps.


Our hardware tends to be less expensive than our competitors because our electronic raffle terminals are a one size fits all solution with a built-in printer.  This means one piece of  equipment can service the team, rather than purchasing a handheld device and a hip printer.  We also assign a dedicated raffle guru to help you with your 50/50 raffles and we can watch your raffles online and drop some helpful hints over the first couple years. 

Renting Terminals

(Festivals, Tournaments, One-off Events)

We've found more and more festivals and special events enlist us to help with their raffles.  We can't run them for you, but our technology can help them succeed. Since festivals tend to be once a year events terminal rentals are a popular choice. Here's a hint;  book us early because summer is festival season and our rental pool is not infinite. 


There is a lot of factors that go into pricing special events.  These factors include whether a TAP 50:50 employee will be attending the event, how large the event is, whether the charity will require Tap50:50 to provide signage, the time of year, the number of terminals that will be required, and whether cellular service will be required. 

Festival FAQ

How do your terminals work?

Our terminals “talk” to our servers over Wi-Fi or cellular. They download a 1000+ tickets at a time, so you don’t need to be in Wi-Fi range to make a sale. There is only one piece of hardware, so you don’t need to worry about hip printers as the printer is built right into the terminal.
Tickets go into a virtual drum on our server and a ticket is printed on the spot for the customer to keep.

How many terminals do we need?

That depends. How many attend your event? How much time do you have to sell? How large is your venue? Many factors can determine what is required but rest assured we are here to help you figure it out and we run 100's of raffles every year. Our rule of thumb for a sporting event is one terminal for every 700 people in attendance. Many events require far less terminals as they occur over multiple days or can sell all day. 50/50's sales are driven by the excitement of a growing jackpot. The more sellers you have the more sales you will get. The more sales you get the bigger the jackpot gets which in turn drives even more sales.

Can we lease or buy the terminals?

Yes, both options may be available to you. TAP 50:50 charges 10-20% of the gross raffle sales for festivals and other events that are once a year. There are a number of variables that can effect this amount such as If you want someone from Tap50:50 to attend the event, if you want us to provide signage, how large the event is, and of course flat rate pricing is always available. That said, if you want to purchase the terminals, we charge $500 for the terminals and 6% of gross raffle sales. Most festivals just lease our terminals.

Can we have an online purchase option?

Yes, we can add a link to your website to purchase tickets and customers receive an e-ticket. Our online ticket purchase option will geo-locate ticket purchasers so they cannot purchase outside your state or province. We can also setup the online ticket purchasing to allow the taking of donations.

Can we show the jackpot live on our website?

Yes. We provide javascript code to add to your site to show the jackpot, or you can put a link to the microsite we design for you.