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Stacey Cattel C.O.O.

Regina Pats Hockey Club

Tap50:50 was found to be a leader in system and software design as well as customer support and committment to getting our program up and running in a short period of time


Barbara Macleoud

Director of Finance

The company's CEO, Sean O'Hagan, returned my call same day and after a lengthy telephone conversation I knew I was making the right choice by contracting with Tap50:50.


Ingrid Mosker Resource Development Coordinator

Calgary Folk Music Festival

We switched to Tap 50:50 from a different service provider for our 2019 festival and were completely satisfied with our experience, for a number of reasons.

Clients that experienced other vendors

Regina Pats Hockey Club

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Bridgestone Invitational PGA

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Interational  Organizations

Knights of Columbus

Habitat for Humanity

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