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Terminal Functionality

G. System Initialization

Hold the button #8 to boot up the terminal for 2-4 seconds.

software integrity.PNG

QUICK TIP: The Tap50:50 application will undergo a software check to ensure the software is authorized and hasn’t been corrupted. The terminal will need cellular or a Wi-Fi connection to enable this feature otherwise the software check will not pass.

Figure 10 Software Integrity Check

H. Logging In


Upon successful bootup, after the software integrity screen, you will see a starting menu. You may see several options.

main menu.PNG

QUICK TIP: The Admin menu only appears if the terminal has already been logged into a terminal. You can closeout the terminal from the Admin menu or you can print the specifics of the raffle.

Figure 2 Main Menu

1. Login, or

2. Recover

3. Scan

4. Verify ticket

5. Admin (sometimes)


The reason you have 4-5 options is because the Admin option only shows on login if you already have a raffle logged in and not closed out.


Scan allows scanning of driver’s licenses for age verification purposes. This is usually just used for practicing how to scan. Admin leads to special administrator functions which will be covered later.

H1 Logging in Steps

  1. Select login by pressing the login button

login screen.PNG

Figure 3 Login Screen

2. Enter the 6 digit login ID provided by your Raffle Administrator and hit the right arrow key on numeric keyboard:

numeric keyboard.PNG

Figure 13 numeric keyboard

3. Enter the 6 digit login password provided by your Raffle Administrator and hit the checkmark on the numeric keyboard:

numeric keyboard.PNG

Figure 4 numeric password completion

4. If you entered the login ID and the login password correctly you will be logged into the server and it will request that you enter a new password. Make the new password something you will easily remember because if you forget your password and need to login again the raffle administrator will have to change your password.


5. The terminal now attempts to speak with the server. The terminal will either be authenticated or not authenticated by the server. The terminal can only be authenticated if it is within cellular or Wi-Fi range AND you entered the login information correctly. If the terminal is authenticated it downloads the raffle details, prints a raffle summary, and displays the Menu Options screen.

option login.PNG

Figure 5 Seller Options Menu

Figure 16 Printout upon Login

H2 Error Messages When Logging In

There are a number of error messages that can occur when you attempt to login. Some error messages require logging back in but some will require an administrator’s help.

  • Invalid user                                        the login ID used is not recognized by the system

  • Invalid password                            the password used does not match the login ID

  • User already logged in               this user is logged into another terminal  

  • User suspended                             this user has been suspended

  • No more tickets                              no more tickets are available to sell

  • No more tickets                                 no more tickets are available to sell 

  • Closeout is not completed           another user has been logged in and not closed out

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