Terminal Functionality

E. System Initialization


Hold the red power button down until it beeps to initialize the unit. The terminal will boot up the application.  Upon bootup, you will MAY have the choice to select either cellular communication or Wi-Fi if a sim card is detected.  If there is no sim card detected the terminal will assume it’s Wi-Fi only. 


QUICK TIP: Cellular or Wi-Fi communication can be toggled in the application once you have logged in.  You are not married to the choice you make here.

Figure 11 Select 1 for WiFi and 2 for Cellular 

If within Wi-Fi has been selected and within range the Wi-Fi Icon        will appear at the top left of the screen. If the Wi-Fi Signal Strength Icon does not appear then Wi-Fi has not been setup correctly for this terminal or you are out of Wi-Fi range.  It may take 20-30 seconds for the Wi-Fi Icon to show up.  

You should also check to make sure your raffle terminal is fully charged at this time.


QUICK TIP: If the Wi-Fi Icon blinks on and off, it may mean that it can see the network, but you have the wrong network password

F. Logging in 


The login screen may have 3-5 options:

  1. Login, or

  2. NIMble

  3. Recover

  4. Scan

  5. Admin


The reason you have 3-5 options is because the Admin option only shows on login if you already have a raffle logged in on the terminal and not closed out.  You may have a terminal that doesn’t have a scanner as well, in which case Scan will not appear.

NIMble is a special login mode that is only used in emergency situations when a connection to the TAP 50:50 server cannot be made due to internet connectivity problems. Recover is in case there is damage to the terminal.It is covered in a separate document.Scan allows scanning of driver’s licenses for age verification purposes.  Admin leads to special administrator functions which will be covered later.

F1. Logging in Step

  1. Select login by pressing “1”


QUICK TIP: Make sure the battery charge is at full and that you are within Wi-Fi range or cellular connection by checking the icons at the top of the login screen.  

Figure 12 Login Screen

  2. Enter the 6 digit login ID provided by your Raffle Administrator and hit          .


Figure 12.1 Enter 6 digit Login number

  3. Enter the 6 digit login password provided by your Raffle Administrator and hit          


Figure 12.2 Enter 6 digit password

4. If you entered the login ID and the login password correctly you will be logged into the server and it will request that you enter a new password. Make the new password something you will easily remember because if you forget your password and need to login again the raffle administrator will have to change your password.


5. The terminal now attempts to speak with the server. The terminal will either be authenticated or not authenticated by the server. The terminal can only be authenticated if it is within cellular or Wi-Fi range AND you entered the login information correctly. If the terminal is authenticated it downloads the raffle details, prints a raffle summary, and displays the Menu Options screen.


Figure 13 Printed Raffle Summary & Menu Options Screen

F2. Error Messages When Logging In

There are a number of error messages that can occur when you attempt to login. Some error messages require logging back in but some will require an administrator’s help.

  • Invalid user                               the login ID used is not recognized by the system

  • Invalid password                       the password used does not match the login ID

  • User already logged in               this user is logged into another terminal  

  • User suspended                        this user has been suspended

  • No more tickets                         no more tickets are available to sell