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Terminal Introduction

The PAX A920 is an impressively designed premium payment device, combining the features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal. It accepts a variety of payment methods, including contactless, mobile and wallet payments, Chip & PIN and Magstripe. With Wifi or 4G connectivity, the A920 can operate with your own WIFI network or in mobile environments.

A. Front Features

Our raffle terminals are very similar to the terminals used to pay with a debit or credit card that are android and touchscreen based.

front features.PNG

Figure 1 Pax A920 Hardware Features

B. Back Features

back features.PNG

Figure 2 Pax A920 Hardware Features (Back)

C. Battery Compartment


To remove and replace the battery, position the A920 to show the backside of the terminal. Next locate the battery cover and slide the lock slide switch to the right. The lock slide switch is tightly secured, we recommend that you apply pressure using your fingernails rather than your thumb. Lift the battery cover from the base and pivot the lid upwards and remove. Next lift the battery from the bottom side and swing it upwards from the bottom and pull out.

battery compartment.PNG

QUICK TIP: Sales are saved to FlashRAM so you needn’t worry about removing a battery while selling tickets. You won’t lose any sales. Simply remove it & install the new charged battery.

Figure 3 Battery Compartment on Underside

To install a battery, first remove the protective cover over the battery connectors. Then insert the battery with the gold connectors towards the top right side.


Slide the battery upwards and then carefully push the bottom into place. Insert the top of the battery lid into the lid hinges and then lower the bottom of the lid cover until it is flush with the case.


Slide the lock slide switch back to the left.

D. Paper Compartment

To remove and replace the thermal paper roll, turn the terminal over. Near the top back side of the terminal place your finger under the paper lid release lever and pull the entire lid assembly away from the terminal. To remove the paper, simply pull the paper roll out.

paper compartment.PNG

QUICK TIP: Replace the paper roll with the logo on the paper facing away from you.

Figure 4 Paper Roll Compartment on bottom of Terminal

To install a new thermal paper roll, drop in the paper roll with the paper pulling from the back and out the top of the roll. Pull about 2” of paper out and close the lid until the lid snaps into place.


It is important the lid is fully closed so that the paper roll fully engages the paper.


Tear off any excess paper.

paper compartment2.PNG

Figure 5 leave tail on paper roll insertion.

E. Power on/off

The hardware feedback area provides information related to the state of the terminal. For the operator the two most important of these are the Wi-Fi strength icon and the battery charge icon.

power on off.PNG

Figure 6 Power off sreen

F. Display Screen


The raffle terminal screen is backlit and is split into three areas – the hardware feedback area, the application area and the navigation area. The hardware area provides feedback on Wi-Fi strength, battery power, and whether or not the unit is printing. The application area provides the screens for the application which can include Ticket Sales, Raffle Information, or Administration Functions. The navigation area allows one to navigate the app by going back a screen, going to the “desktop” or showing individual apps that are open.

F.1 Hardware Feedback Area

The hardware feedback area provides information related to the state of the terminal. For the operator the two most important of these are the Wi-Fi/Cellular strength icon and the battery charge icon.

hardware feedback.PNG

Figure 8 Hardware Feedback Icons

device setting.PNG

PRO TIP: Sliding down from the top of the screen will give the user access to some more advanced hardware features such as setting up wifi or dimming the screen which may add more battery life .

Figure 8 Hardware Feedback Icons

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