G. Selling Tickets

G1.  Selling 50/50 Tickets

Selling 50/50 tickets is the main function of the terminal and is the first option on the Menu Options screen.

  1. On the Menu Options screen select option 1 – Sell Tickets. This should bring you to the Sales Options screen.





   2. Press 1, 2, or 3 will start the process of selling tickets.

   3. Confirm Sale screen should appear. Hit              to confirm.


QUICK TIP: No need for spaces or punctuation when entering the phone number but do include the area code if you don't see the area code on screen already


If the are code is already on screen just enter the 7 digits, press enter and press enter again if you want to keep the given area code, or overwrite it.

4. The next screen is the *Enter Phone Number screen and allows the ticket purchaser to register their phone number.


Figure 14 Sales Option Screen

   5. Finally, the Print Confirmation screen requires you to hit            to print the ticket. There you go, you have sold your first ticket! 


*The Enter Phone Number screen is an optional screen and may be set to not be used by your raffle administrator.

G2.  Selling Regular Raffle Tickets (player info required)

There are two types of raffles that our terminals can be used for - event based 50/50 raffles which do not require gathering the player’s name or address and regular raffles where name, address and phone number are required.


Fig 15 Enter Phone Number screen leads to Player Information Screen

G3.  If the phone lookup didn’t get any info

If the server did not find any information for this player you will need to enter their contact information on the Player Details Screen.  To enter the information, you can press #8 and manually enter the information via the keyboard and stylus or you can enter the appropriate line number and enter whatever fields you like.  You can also choose 0 and scan a driver’s license barcode.  If you scan the barcode, the player information is loaded onto the terminal.  You can then make any changes you wish by pressing the number corresponding to the incorrect data field and using the terminal stylus and virtual keyboard.

QUICK TIP:  Driver Licence scanning should be done out of direct sunlight (turn your back to the sun and shade the card), and driver's licenses in a plastic shield will likely need to be removed.

G4.  If the phone lookup was successful

Hey, you’re in luck.  The player has participated in another raffle and we have their information.  This means all you have to do is press enter if everything is ok.  If it’s not ok, you can edit any data field by pressing that data field number and like above using the stylus and keyboard to correct the data.


 Fig 16 Successful phone lookup populates player information on Player Detail Screen