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J. Marking a Ticket

If the terminal did not print a complete ticket then the operator needs to use the Mark Ticket function on the Sales Option screen as this will let the raffle administrator know that this ticket is invalid.


1. Determine if a ticket has been completely printed or not. Never give patrons an incomplete ticket. If the ticket does not print at all you will also need to mark it.

Complete Ticket                Incomplete Ticket


Figure 22 Completed ticket printed


Figure 23 Incomplete ticket print

2. If the ticket did not complete printing, the terminal will ask you what to do. If the paper needs changing change it. Then decide if you want to mark the ticket (if you, the seller is keeping the ticket) or if enough of the ticket printed and the player wants to keep it.

mark ticket.PNG

Figure 24 Select {Mark Ticket} if ticket didn’t complete printing. Select {Don’t Mark} if player kept ticket.

3. When a ticket is marked the terminal will print a marked ticket report which includes the ticket numbers and the Reference ID. Keep this stub for your records.

mark ticket.png

Figure 25 Marked ticket receipt

4. To manually mark a ticket press the mark ticket button on the sales screen. This will bring up a the last ticket that you sold. Check the box and submit the marked ticket. In the case of selling multiple tickets, you will have to choose which ticket didn’t print right and mark the appropriate choice.

mark ticket step.PNG

Figure 26 Mark ticket Step 1 Press Mark ticket

Figure 27 Mark Ticket Step 2 Check Box

Figure 28 Mark Ticket Step 2 Print Mark or see more info

J-2 Unmarking a ticket

Occasionally a seller may mark a ticket by mistake. That ticket can be unmarked following the below procedure

Figure 19 Unmarking a Ticket

unmark ticket step.PNG

Figure 28 Unmark Ticket Step 1 Press Unmark Ticket

Figure 29 Unmark Ticket Step 2 Check ticket to unmark. Hit Submit.

  1.  Press unmark ticket on sales screen

  2. Choose the ticket to unmark by checking the appropriate box

  3. Hit Submit

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