I. Raffle Information Menu

This menu provides information of interest to operators and customers.  The source of this information is the TAP 5050 Raffle Server so these functions require access to Wi-Fi.  Similar information is available within the Admin section, but this information is stored on the terminal and is intended as a backup when Wi-Fi is unavailable. The server data is preferable to the terminal data, as terminal data is wiped when a user logs out and logs back in.


Figure 20 Raffle Information Menu

I1. Jackpot total


This report gives you the Event ID number along with the Jackpot Total.  The Jackpot Total is not necessarily total sales but for some events it may be.  In many cases it is the total amount that is available for the winner.


Figure 21 Jackpot Total

I2. Leaderboard


The Leaderboard function allows a volunteer to see who the current top 5 sellers are and how much each of the top 5 has sold. This is a means to encourage friendly competition between your ticket sellers.


Figure 21 Leaderboard

I3. Sales Stats


This function polls the server to provide individual sales information for the terminal.

sales stats.jpg

QUICK TIP: There can be more ticket ranges available than can be displayed on the screen. Use the down arrow to see more ticket ranges

Figure 22 Sales Stats

I3.1. Sales Information: Series

Each different ticket bundle’s series information is listed individually here and then totaled. In Figure 20 we see that the terminal sold only three ticket series “ab, bc, & de” Within the ab series $1685 worth of tickets were sold and 337 different ticket numbers were provided.

I3.2. Ticket Number Ranges

This details the actual ticket numbers that this terminal has entered into the draw drum.

I4. Printout


This makes a paper copy of the information provided in Sales Stats.

I5. Print Marked


If a ticket did not print correctly or a player changes their mind and the ticket was marked for review this function provides a paper copy of the Marked Ticket numbers and their reference ID’s.


Figure 23 Marked Tickets

I6.  Upload Sales


When you are out of Wi-Fi range and you have sold tickets, this function allows you to upload the sales information to the database.  You can only use this function within range of Wi-Fi. When all outstanding sales have been uploaded to the database the terminal will display Figure 24 to signal success.


Figure 24 Send Complete