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We can help you grow your jackpots

We want to help you TAP into your existing audience or broaden your reach into new audiences. We measure our success by how much your jackpots grow. Our technology was developed to support this goal but we also designed it to be reliable, secure, and easy to use.

“We built our technology on Oracle and Oracle Apex database technologies. Some people think we over-built our solution....we like to think so too”


The traditional 50/50 fundraising raffle involves selling tickets for chances to win a cash prize. Each ticket is a chance to win. Half the proceeds go to the winner and half the proceeds go to the fundraising charity. Typically, this is done with paper tickets, which are ripped in two, one half of which goes into the draw barrel and half of which the purchaser retains.

It is a great low tech solution and works well for small venues. But as venues get larger, jackpots get bigger, and serious problems can arise with this solution.


The TAP 50:50 solution solves these problems using the latest secure mobile transactional technologies.

We remove barriers to participation. Participants can pay with cash, or where applicable credit or debit cards which is difficult with the traditional 'rip a ticket' in half approach. We use secure banking standards for our transactions, support the latest chip card protocols, and rely on an encrypted VPN (virtual private network) for transmitting ticket sales and credit or debit card information.

We prevent fraud and protect against human error. Every user and every terminal on our system is authenticated by our network using fingerprint or pin number identification. We use unique paper tickets for each venue, with a variety of security features. Our server is located offsite in a secure location.

We customize a solution. Every venue brings its own challenges, whether it is an 80,000 seat stadium or a farmer's field. Our mobile units are capable of supporting secure WI-FI or in more remote locations rely on secure cellular network protocols. TAP 50:50 can integrate with an existing LAN or provide real-time reporting of jackpot pools to screens throughout your venue.

We report the results in real-time. Nothing succeeds like success and nothing grows jackpots like large jackpots. TAP 50:50 integrates up to the second sales information on screens throughout your venue attracting more participation in your raffle. We also provide secure web access to customized reports that are required by your organization or the government.


The future is bigger jackpots! TAP 50:50 is exploring technologies that expand your audience outside the bounds of your particular venue. Stay tuned for more details.


Our technology meets or exceeds banking standards for transaction security. TAP 50:50 follows a five point plan to enterprise mobile security:

We set and centrally enforce policies

We don't rely on the mobile workers for security

We authenticate each user

We protect data during transit and during storage

We secure the data if the device is lost or stolen

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