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Ontario Electronic 50/50 Raffles-2014

Ontario launches government run electronic 5050

Electronic raffle tickets are now available during National Hockey League and National Basketball Association games at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.

The electronic ticketing system will raise more funds for charities by allowing ticket sales to remain open longer and 50/50 jackpots to be updated in real-time. The new technology will also enhance the security, accuracy and accountability of raffles by improving ticket registration and tracking.  For further details click the link below.

 Article Oct 6, 2014.

Ontario may expand their electronic 50/50 raffle pilot project

Two pilot projects to allow the sale of electronic 50/50 raffle tickets for sports foundations may be expanded to other charities across the province.

Ontario is promising that it will extend the electronic raffle tickets to other charities if the pilot projects prove successful.  For further details click the link below.

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