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Rules of Play Requirements


(a) Rules of play must include any of the following that are applicable:

(i) Whether members of the organization, immediate family, or people involved in the conduct and management of the raffle are allowed to purchase tickets; ie restrictions on who can purchase.

(ii) Any other restrictions on eligibility to purchase tickets, such as any minimum age requirement. (standard is 19 and over)

(iii) The purchase prices of the tickets; 

(iv) The maximum dollar value you wish for your raffle

(v) The date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the draw(s);

(viii) A description of each prize and its retail value (can be shown as dollar amount or percentage of sales, as appropriate), along with the value of any cash alternatives. If merchandise prizes are used, this must be identified; For 50/50's either 50% of gross sales or 50% of net sales

(ix) Any conditions affecting ability to win or claim prizes. Such conditions may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
a. If ticket purchasers must be present to win;
b. Prizes that are available only to a subset of ticket purchasers
(for example, early bird or returning purchasers);
c. Any prize expiry dates
(for example, trip vouchers);
d. If tickets will be discarded after being drawn rather than returned to the draw barrel to be eligible to win remaining prizes;

Rules of Play Requirements

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