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What is Chase the Ace?

Chase the Ace is a form of lottery that has gained popularity since 2013 in parts of Canada as a way to raise funds for charities. It is also known as Crown the King, Queen of Hearts Jig the Joker, and Catch the Ace. 


The jackpot accumulates from week-to-week until it is won, and the game is then over. Each week participants buy lottery tickets. The funds from ticket sales are divided into three parts: 


  • Organizers typically retain 50%, 

  • The winner of the draw takes 20%, and 

  • The accumulated jackpot grows by 30% of this week's sales. 


The raffle winner also then draws a card from a deck of playing cards and wins the accumulated jackpot if the ace of spades is drawn. If not, the reduced deck is kept for the following week's game. 

How is Chase the Ace played?

  • At a set location one day a week over 2-3 hours tickets are sold for the raffle, 

  • The winner usually receives about 20% of the draw from that day, 

  • Holder of the winning ticket must be present to claim the prize, 

  • If nobody comes forward within a certain amount of time, the number is disqualified and a new draw is made, 

  • The winner of the draw, receives a chance to win the cumulative "card jackpot"...which is around 30% of all previous weekly sales. 

  • The draw winner cuts the deck of cards and if he/she draws the ace of spades, they win the "card jackpot" as well. 

  • If the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the selected card is destroyed and the 30% goes back into the prize pot for next week's draw. 

  • The Contest continues with the same deck of cards until the ace of spades is drawn. 

  • No limit on the number of tickets that can be sold for a draw unless the regulator requires it. 

Image by Sergi Viladesau

What Might a Chase the Ace Look like with Terminals and Online Ticket Purchasing

  • Sales are open all week long.  People can buy their tickets at home or on a mobile device. 

  • At the draw location on the draw date terminals still sell tickets. 

  • Jackpot information is updated live and displayed at the event and on mobile phones. 

  • The winner is phoned and has 1 hour to get to the draw location and cut the deck.  


Online sales expand the charities reach and makes the labour burden for the charity easier as they don't have to sell all their tickets in a 3 hour window each week. Less volunteers are required and you have started to grow your database to market your next raffle to. 

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Chase the Ace FAQ

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