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Rock Concerts, Wine Festivals, Seasonal Celebrations, Etc. Are Untapped Sources of Charity Revenue.



The power of celebrity is undeniable. Celebrities attract audiences, celebrities are influential, and celebrities are active supporters of charity; many even have their own foundations. What celebrities don't have a lot of - is time. 50/50 raffles are efficient means of tapping into the power of celebrity by tapping into their audiences.

Traditional 50/50 raffles use paper tickets ripped in half. One half of the ticket is retained by the purchaser and one half - the ticket stub - is dropped in a draw bin. TAP 50:50's solutions instead use a secure hand held mobile terminal and a portable printer to create a ticket for the participant and a remote printer, in a secure location, prints the "stub." This is a much more secure and efficient method of providing raffle entertainment.

Our software counts the tickets, displays the results throughout the venue, and allows real-time online reporting to your custom specifications.



Where communities gather to meet, to appreciate, or to celebrate, opportunity lies for charities to enhance the entertainment value of the event by adding a 50/50 draw. Our real-time reporting system allows venues to provide accurate up to the minute jackpot totals on video displays throughout the event's environment.

When it comes to raffles nothing succeeds like success. As the community's contribution grows visibly before their eyes excitement builds, participation increases, and the contribution to your foundation or charity swells also.



Our technology can support your charities event whether it is found in a convention centre or a farmer's field, a concert hall or wine country. Secure digital hand held terminals can be down amongst the action.

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